So You Didn’t Get OTR II Tickets – Here Are Five Ways To Cheer Yourself Up!

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In case you've been living under a rock for the last couple of weeks, Beyonce and Jay-Z recently announced a joint UK stadium tour and tickets sold out in minutes! 
The power couple have a combined net worth of around £910 million and are bringing their collective might to Glasgow, Cardiff, Manchester and of course - London! With a ticket to the OTR II tour set to be the hottest of the year, it's hardly surprising that thousands of fans have been left disappointed after not getting their hands on one! We were lucky enough to see Beyonce on her Formation tour in 2016 and she rocked! 
Tickets for the OTR II tour start at £25 and are priced all the way up to a hefty £160 for the best seats in the house. If you missed out on tickets this time, don't give up hope - here are five things you can do to cheer yourself up!

1. Keep an eye on the SeatSurfer website!

We're always adding new tickets and shows to our site, that's why we're one of the fastest growing ticket exchange sites in the UK!

What's more, we cap our prices to protect fans. We were so frustrated to see that tickets to Bey and Jay's tour sold out in minutes, but yet, moments later they were on sites like Viagogo for five times the price - it's appaling!

SeatSurfer was set up to combat ticket touts so be sure to keep checking our site for tickets, you can buy worry-free knowing you're paying a fair price for those in-demand tickets.

2. Enter our OTR II Giveaway!

Yes! We're actually giving away a pair of tickets to the OTR II Tour in London on 15th June so why not enter and win your way in for FREE? You know what they say - you've got to be in it to win it!

3. Look out for extra dates!

The R&B superstars have already added a handful of extra UK dates to their OTR II tour due to extremely high demand, and it's possible that they could extend the tour even further too!

Disappointed fans could have a chance to get those all-important tickets if the couple does add any further dates, stay tuned to our Facebook and Twitter pages - we'll notify you when any OTR II Tour announcements are made. 

4. Listen to their albums on repeat!

Crank up the volume and create your own Beyonce and Jay-Z gig at home! Invite over some friends, enjoy some good food and listen to the couples' combined vast collection of albums in full - when you're singing along, close your eyes and imagine you're in a stadium full of enthusiastic fans! 

5. See what other artists are touring this summer!

It's not all about Beyonce and Jay-Z, there are plenty of other artists on huge stadium tours this summer including Taylor Swift and Ed Sheeran.

Plus, the tickets for other shows are likely to be much cheaper! If you haven't heard, Taylor is bringing along Camila Cabello, and Charli XCX and Ed has got Anne-Marie supporting him on tour, head on over to SeatSurfer and grab tickets to see Sheeran or Swifty instead - you'll get to see two or three of your favourite artists for the less than the price of an OTR II ticket!

Tickets to see Beyonce and Jay-Z on tour this summer are the best thing you never had but stay positive, their shows are still months away, and there's still a chance to secure tickets. If you follow our steps, chances are, you'll be feeling much better already, and we're sure some tickets will come at you soon!