Farewell Yellow Brick Road… Elton John’s Final Tour

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Elton John isn’t one to skimp on visuals, as he proved once again today at New York’s Gotham Hall. A five-minute virtual reality spectacle took goggled onlookers from a recreation of his first big gig at the Troubadour in Los Angeles to the middle of the stage at Dodger Stadium as an ersatz Elton rocked out in a glittering baseball uniform.
After more than half a century on the road and an unparalleled career that has redefined the cultural landscape and seen him claim his place as a true global icon, Elton has announced his final tour...'Farewell Yellow Brick Road'

Kicking off in the U.S. on September 8, 2018, the Farewell Yellow Brick Road tour will consist of more than 300 shows across five continents, hitting North America, Europe and the Middle East, Asia, South America and Australasia before reaching its conclusion in 2021. These dates mark Elton’s last-ever tour, the end of half a century on the road for one of pop culture’s most enduring performers. The new stage production will take his fans on a musical and highly visual journey spanning a 50-year career of hits like no one has ever seen before.

Elton Through The Years

Long before Elton rocked the crazy outfits and the magenta sunglasses as we know him today, believe it or not, he was once an 'up and comer' wearing simple mod-style outfits, plain glasses, but was already accomplished as a musician. Signing with DJM records in the 60's, alongside songwriter Bernie Taupin, a relationship still strong to this day.

By the mid 70's, Elton was performing in increasingly elaborate and loud costumes, many being made from satin, silk and feathers, something that would become a performance 'norm' and eventually shape the image of Elton and his band. In 1975, Elton not only performed and sold out the Dodger Stadium in LA, he did it in a way no other performer could. In a sequined baseball outfit!

The 70's saw Elton gaining the interest of some of the biggest superstars, partying with the likes of Diana Ross and Cher. His friendship was not reserved for musicians alone however, another famous bond Elton had was with the late Princess Diana, he once said "In the end with Diana, she trusted the wrong people. She didn't trust the people she should have trusted: her true friends." From this friendship, Elton performed at the Royal funeral for Diana, singing 'Candle in the Wind' which was released and sold 33 million records, fit for royalty!

Since then Elton has been Knighted, set up the Elton John AIDS Foundation and has been performing 'The Million Dollar Piano' show in the Ceasars Palace in Las Vegas since 2011 (ending this May) along side his usual busy schedule of world wide tours. 

What To Expect

“It’s going to be the most produced, fantastic show I’ve ever done,” added the singer. “It’s a way of saying thank you and going out with a bang. I don’t want to go out with a whimper.”

Expect to hear songs that haven't been played live for decades, or 'Chestnuts' as Elton calls them, referencing 'Have mercy on the criminal', from his 1973 album 'Don't shoot me, I'm only the piano player'.

Tickets go on sale for the general public in North America on Feb. 2, and an American Express tickets pre-sale in North America will begin Jan. 25 at 10 a.m. local time. Further ticketing details will be announced in the coming months. The tour kicks off in the U.S. on Sept. 8, 2018, and will move on to Europe in April 2019, Asia in November 2019, Australia in December 2019 and early 2020, South America in March 2020, Europe in late 2020 and North America in 2021.

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