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It’s been all over the news, everyone has been talking about Ed Sheeran’s brave fight against ticket touts and we applaud him for battling against sites like Viagogo and GETMEIN, however he also failed fans and fair ticket trading in the process! It’s clear that the ‘A Team’ signer is committed to tackling nasty touts as he’s done what most artists haven’t by making a stand, however, with his strict “names on tickets” rule, we weren’t able to re-sell the tickets ourselves, despite being tout-free and for real fans.

Therefore, Ed maybe went about the tout-tackling movement in the wrong way, failing real fans who wanted to sell their tickets fairly and turning them away from stadium doors in the process - that’s not right!

Ed Sheeran argued he’s not disappointing fans on purpose though – and says it’s all for the greater good. However, we don’t entirely agree on this one, sorry Ed! We’re one of the fastest growing fan-to-fan ticket exchange networks in the UK, set up by real music fans to #OutTheTout and allow users to buy and sell tickets at fair, capped prices unlike Viagogo, GETMEIN and others… By choosing only one exclusive partner for reselling tickets, Ed failed many real fans and sites like ours which enable fans to buy and sell tickets in a fair way! However, Sheeran told Radio 1 Newsbeat “ hate the idea of people paying more than face value for tickets when you can get them at face value” - hello, Ed - we’re tout free too!

The singer’s management had put aside almost 20,000 tickets after they were illegally sold by touts on the rogue resale site. The singers team set up a deal which meant all tickets that were resold were marked “invalid”, meaning sites like Viagogo must take legal responsibility to refund the cost of the ticket - which was often several times the face value. The singer even deployed a specialist team to check tickets around the stadium and to rigorously enforce the terms and conditions that state the original buyer of any ticket must present ID to match the ticket at entry. We applaud Sheeran for initiating one of the biggest
tout-battling schemes in the UK, however, fans who aimed to sell their tickets at fair prices either privately or on other trading sites were stung! How is it fair for a genuine fan to sell their tickets at face value to get their ticket invalidated and not receive payment?

We do feel that more artists should engage with helping to #OutTheTout and follow in Ed’s footsteps, however, they should also have recognised that fair ticket traders are in a completely different league to nasty touts and share the same intentions as the artist by wanting to protect real fans. Viagogo was the only one of the big tout sites to defy the artist - listing the tickets without advising that they would be invalid, in breach of the Consumer Rights Act. Plus, many fans were left without a ticket after not having the funds available to re purchase their tickets at face-value on the day. Resale marketplaces owned by Ticketmaster including GETMEIN and Seat Wave agreed not to sell Ed Sheeran tickets, it was only Viagogo who went against the artist’s wishes!

We believe in stopping touts, but we also believe in fair trading between real fans!

What do you think to Ed’s efforts? You can shop with SeatSurfer in confidence knowing that we’re tout-free, secure and only sell tickets at fair prices to real music fans, aiming to #OutTheTout! If any tickets purchased with us are deemed to be invalid or not what you were expecting, you will receive a full refund!